Discover and practice archery

A sport accessible to all

Archery is a precision sport that can be practised in clubs from the age of 7. Whether for leisure, family or competition, it encourages exchanges between all generations. The first arrows are shot at a distance of 6 metres, then after a few months of practice at 10, 15… up to 70 metres!

Archery, a sport of concentration, allows you to get to know yourself better, to build your personality and to gain confidence. It requires good self-control to manage one's emotions. It thus brings a lot of rigour to daily life.

Archery is a complete sport with many physical benefits. It works the whole body and helps to improve movement coordination. Archery gives a feeling of freedom and inner calm. It is ideal for channelling energy and improving concentration.

A wide range of disciplines

An individual sport, archery can also be practised in a team with a wide choice of disciplines: mixed or teams of three or four archers. Everyone can identify with it according to his or her tastes and physical abilities. For those who prefer a more intense activity, the run-archery combines archery and running. For those who are more oriented towards nature, there is the possibility of practising shooting in Field, Nature and 3D archery.

Archery can be practised in all seasons. Outdoors, from spring until October (on flat ground or on courses in the middle of nature). Indoor during the autumn/winter seasons.

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