World Cup

Launched in 2006, the Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit consists of four stages in 2023 and a final reserved for the top 8 athletes in each category. France will host a stage for the third consecutive year after those organised at the Stade Charléty in 2021 and the Château de Vincennes in 2022. Paris also hosted the World Cup Final on the Trocadero Fountains in 2013.

The Hyundai World Cups take place outdoors at a distance of 70m for recurve bows and 50m for compound bows. The competition generally runs for six days and is divided into two parts, the week with the qualifications and eliminations and the weekend with the finals in an iconic venue in the host city.

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Categories & competitions

The world archery circuit involves two bow disciplines (recurve bow & compound bow). There are two separate categories for men and women, and three events (Individual, team and mixed team).

The World Cup include a total of 10 events :

  • Recurve men
  • Recurve women
  • Team recurve men (3 athletes)
  • Team recurve women (3 athletes)
  • Recurve mixed team (1 man / 1 woman)
  • Compound men
  • Compound women
  • Team compound men (3 athletes)
  • Team compound women (3 athletes)
  • Compound mixed team (1 man / 1 woman)

Four stages in 2023

This year, as the Olympic Games oblige, the world circuit includes three stages across the different continents. At the end of these three stages, an overall ranking is established and allows the winners and the best archers in this ranking to qualify (8 athletes per category) for the World Cup Final (date and place to come).

Antalya (Turkey)
18th to 23rd April 2023
Shanghai (PR China)
15th to 21st May 2023
Medellin (Colombia)
13rd to 18th June 2023
Paris (France)
14th to 20th August 2023