The volunteer program

Our event is divided into three distinct phases which are :

  • Installation of the site and reception of the delegations: 13 and 14.08
  • World Cup qualifications and eliminations: from 15.08 to 18.08
  • The World Cup Finals: 19.08 and 20.08

To be a volunteer, you must be fully available for at least two of the phases, including the qualification phase. Priority will be given to volunteers present on the qualifying rounds to be present on the Finals.

Dates to remember

Le recrutement des bénévoles va se dérouler en plusieurs phases :

  • December : Opening of applications,
  • 15th January 2023 : End of applications,
  • February : Interview with volunteers (individual or group),
  • 7th July : Training time.

The missions of volunteers

Job managers will be assigned to you at the time of your recruitment; it will be possible to contact them via your volunteer space on the "instant Benevole" platform.

There are several missions for the Archery World Cup, you can discover in a few lines the needs of the identified positions. The schedule and timetable are subject to change according to the competition programme.

Missions :

  • Welcoming and services to spectators: During the Finals at the Esplanade des Invalides, volunteers will have to welcome, seat and inform the spectators present.
  • VIP reception: During the Finals at the at the Esplanade des Invalides, the volunteers must welcome, inform and serve the guests and VIPs.
  • Archery activities: During the qualifications at the Stade Charléty, support programmes will be set up with schools in Paris and the Ile de France region for schoolchildren. At the at the Esplanade des Invalides, initiations for the general public will be set up.
  • Communication and Media: The missions concerning communication and media are mainly taking of photos, videos and the management of social networks.
  • Field and results: On the competition field as well as on the training field, the volunteers will have to move targets, change faces, manage the results sheets…
  • Driver: Transporting delegations between airports/stations - hotels - competition venues.
Become volunteer

It's possible to contact the person in charge of volunteers at the following e-mail address: